Law and governance serving values,
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Law and governance serving purpose making, values and impact.

We support philanthropists and their families, companies, their shareholders and leaders, foundations, associations and project leaders at each stage of their reflections. We deliver tailor-made training, advice immediately applicable to their daily challenges. We are involved alongside them for the success and sustainability of their projects.

4 Pillars
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Our 4 pillars

Delphine Bottge

A lawyer since 1995, Delphine has devoted her practice for more than 15 years to philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and the exploration of new economic and societal models. A recognized expert, she accompanies and advises wealthy families, entrepreneurs, institutions and project leaders.

In addition to her practice, Delphine is a board member for several foundations and associations. As an Academic Fellow, she teaches at the University of Geneva Centre for Philanthropy and also regularly delivers corporate trainings.

Our added value


We offer over 15 years of passion and experience.
Our expertise is constantly kept up to date, both in our own fields of knowledge and in our clients’ fields of activity. We are involved in research and academics and regularly give trainings and conferences in Switzerland and abroad.

Personal involvement

As a Boutique-Law Firm, we are personally involved at your side. At your request, we carry out all formalities with the authorities. Should your project require a multidisciplinary team, we help you build and coordinate it.


We are committed in our heart and mind and act with integrity, loyalty, reliability and professionalism. We make an environmental and societal pledge.


We are committed to offering you effective services, providing concrete answers to your questions and allowing you to adopt the practices that best suit your profile.



Over time, we have developed an exclusive network of partners (lawyers and experts) to fit your specific needs (international implementation, thematic philanthropic strategies, accounting and logistic support reporting to the authorities, impact assessment , etc.).





We are at your disposal to build your project

Philanthropists and their families

We carefully listen to philanthropists, their families and their advisors.

We accompany them in the transmission of their family legacy and their deep rooted values.

Family governance

Establishing family governance is a complex process in which it is essential to ensure the involvement of each of the members concerned and the consideration of their needs in order to achieve sustainable solutions. We accompany you throughout this process by placing your family values at the center of the reflections.

Philanthropic project

We work closely with you to understand your needs and together create the approach that matches your values and engagement goal. We can call on our international network to recommend suitable partners and projects.


Donations agreements

By understanding your values and your selected areas of action, we advise you on the most appropriate way to formalize your donations and make accurate projections as well as pay attention to your tax and estate planning.

Donor advised funds and foundations

Over the long term, we support you in expanding, structuring and sustaining your philanthropic portofolio.

We advise you on the creation of a donor advised fund by identifying with you the most appropriate structure and organization and by ensuring that the legal documents comply with your vision.

We support you at every stage of setting up a charitable foundation, either as the vehicle for your family’s philanthropic action or as part of a venture philanthropy approach.


We work in partnership with advisors of wealthy families (banks, family offices, lawyers, notaries, etc.) and intervene to complete their activity on these specific subjects. We also provide tailor-made training for them.


We design and deliver tailor-made training to meet your specific needs.


We are at your disposal to build your project


Swiss charitable foundations play a crucial role at the local and international levels. They represent an independent force that contributes to the identification and resolution of societal issues, in parallel to the State and the private sector.

We support them in establishing their governance and anchoring their expertise on a daily basis and at each decisive step. We can handle legal, tax and administrative issues they may encounter.


We support you at every step of the creation of a charitable foundation: grant-making or operational matters, venture philanthropy, "family", corporate or shareholder foundation. Our expertise covers all types of foundations, whatever their profile, size and field of activity


We advise you throughout the life of the association on all governance issues and during major changes. At your request, we also audit your organization and give recommendations to improve your practices.


We help you develop the vision of the association and anchor it in its projects to become an agent of change.


We increase foundation boards’ awareness on Best Practices and design tailor-made training to meet your specific needs.

Donations agreements and public-private partnerships

We negotiate and draft all necessary legal documents related to donations and partnerships between institutions or philanthropic public-private partnerships.
We determine the roles and expectations of each of the partners to enable the project to achieve its objectives and ensure its sustainability.

Crisis, mergers and dissolutions

We support you in all transitions, mergers and dissolutions.

Support during Foundation board meetings

Upon your request, we attend board meetings to directly answer your questions and allow quick and confident decision-making, in line with the legal framework and good practices.

Procedures with the Supervisory Authorities and Tax exemption

We undertake all necessary steps with the Foundation Supervisory Authorities.
We work closely with the Tax Administration to ensure that your charitable foundation benefits from tax exemption and preserves its status throughout the evolution of its activity.


We are at your disposal to build your project

project leaders

Reflecting the dynamism of civil society, the NGO sector has a considerable impact on the field at the local and international levels.

We advise associations and their members on all strategic, legal, tax and governance matters. Aware of the economic and structural challenges they face, we develop specific consultation formulas to meet their needs in a practical and concrete way.


We accompany you in the setting up of the association and carry out all necessary administrative procedures.


We advise you throughout the life of the association on all governance issues and during major changes. At your request, we also audit your organization and give recommendations to improve your practices.

Procedures with the Tax Administration

We intervene with the Tax Administration so that your association benefits from a tax exemption and preserves its status throughout the evolution of its activity.

Project leaders

Should you have a concept for the common good and hesitate on the most relevant legal structure to achieve your objectives, often on the border between profit and non-profit, we help you structure your project in compliance with the applicable legal and tax provisions.


We help you develop the vision of the association and anchor it in its projects to become an agent of change.

Structuring of projects and partnerships

We help you structure your projects. We determine the roles and expectations of each partner to achieve your objectives. We formalize agreements by drafting all relevant legal documents.


We are aware of the economic and structural challenges you face and propose packages to include our intervention in your budget :

  • First Consultation Pack (including review of documentation, an appointment and answers to your questions).
  • Hotline Pack (including a follow-up with practical and concrete answers to specific questions).

Contact us for more details.


We are at your disposal to build your project

Companies with a vision

Business can and should be a force for Good.

We believe in governance as a driver of business transformation and societal evolution. We support companies of all sizes in their creation and transformation towards a new model integrating their vision and mission. We enable them to activate levers available at the most appropriate level(s) to achieve their objectives: profile and quality of the shareholding, legal form, governance, management..

Legal form

We place your project at the center of the most appropriate structure to achieve your objectives in line with your values :

  • Hybrid structures
  • Company limited by shares (LTD) or limited liability company (LLC)
  • Tax exempted LTD or LLC
  • Cooperatives
  • Start-ups

Profile and quality of the shareholding

Active ownership, holding foundations, steward-ownership: we accompany you in your reflections on the ownership of your company to ensure a long-term vision and the transmission of your values.  


We support you in integrating the vision and mission of the company into its governance in a tailor-made approach.

When it suits the DNA of your company, we create and moderate a Mission Steering Committee specifically adapted to your company in its composition and role.

We accompany Boards of Directors and also act as an independent director.


We accompany you in the transformation of the executive power within your company and increase your awareness to alternative organizational models, in alignment with your vision. 

Should you seek about a certification for your company (BCorp, ISO or other), we accompany you in your reflections for the best solution and throughout the certification process. 


We are at your disposal to build your project

My path

Purpose Lawyers
Launches Purpose Lawyers, the first Swiss law firm with the vision of serving sense making, values and impact through law and governance;
Academic Fellow
In parallel with her law practice, joins the Centre for Philanthropy (University of Geneva) as an Academic Fellow, where she continues to teach, publish and cultivate her curiosity.
Governance Models
Expeditions to the United States, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, India to deepen innovative governance models. She draws inspiration from them to build with her clients tailor-made projects integrating their vision.
Conquête bourguignonne
Inducted Chevalier du Tastevin de Bourgogne. Blood will tell.
Decides to devote her law practice to philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and the exploration of new economic and societal models.
Became mother of Alexandre, Joséphine (2004) and Philippine (2010) and learned to juggle her career with a blended tribe of 5 children.
First constitution of a foundation. Joins the boards of various non-profit organizations in Switzerland and Europe.
Bar exam
Bar exam. Meets her mentor.
The law prevails
Studies between Geneva and the United States, oscillating between science and law. The latter wins out
“Top 50”
Discovered the Top 50 and since then has cultivated an immoderate taste for 80’s pop music. Still proudly defies today the irony of her close circle.
On stage with the Opera de Paris Ballet and Noureev. Peak of a dance practice that taught her discipline and desire to constantly raise the bar.
Discovers Ballet and Greece: two vital passions.
Born in Geneva to a Swiss entrepreneur father and a French mother, both with a passion for gastronomy and travels.

Véronique Favreau

Executive Assistant – Office Management

With more than 25 years of professional experience in business consulting in the private sector, then at the head of an NGO working in the field of development through education, Véronique Favreau provides informed support through her pragmatic experience with public and private organizations (especially associations and foundations) and her knowledge of the issues in the field of philanthropy.

Bettina Ferdman


Bettina Ferdman is an entrepreneur and an expert in social commitment. She structures, develops and accompanies large companies as well as project leaders who want to push the boundaries and create a positive impact for themselves and society. She is a pioneer of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in Switzerland, having created in 2000 the first structure in Switzerland to imagine partnerships between large committed companies and associations, the Philias Foundation. Bettina is an IDC certified coach, a start-up administrator and a renowned speaker. 

New publication

Holding Foundations in Switzerland - The Foundation-owned company model from theory to practice

Delphine Bottge – Founder of Purpose Lawyers – Academic Fellow – Centre for Philanthropy - Geneva University